Baobabs and Tsingys

See the floating mountains of Avatar in real life

Baobabs and Tsingys

Baobabs and Tsingys

Mention Madagascar and lemurs and baobabs come to mind, as well as the unusual rock formations called Tsingys – see it all on this holiday package


One of the iconic images of Madagascar is its forest of Baobab trees near Morondava. During this tour you get to visit them twice, during the early morning and at sunset when the photographic opportunities will be best. You will explore the Kirindy Forest, one of the best places to see the island’s only significant predator – the foosa. It is also home to the diminutive mouse lemurs and Verreaux Sifakas. Keep a look out for beautiful Schlegel’s asity.
You will cruise up the Manambolo River in a traditional canoe called a pirogue passing the stunning granite cliffs. Take in one of the wonders of the natural world at the UNESCO Heritage site of Tsingy de Bemaraha, famous for its spiky peaked rock formations. This is the haunt of many endemic lemurs.

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